Feed your soul at NEXT CHAPTER HOME

I just wanted to share a conversation we had with a lovely customer this morning.
She stopped in and said "do you know what I'm after?".
My wife and I both looked at her and my wife said "coffee!". We all had a chuckle and then the customer continued to say that of course we didn't know what she was after because we weren't in her head.
After a little more conversation, a few more laughs and her telling us that she loved us, she said the nicest thing. She said that she came in to the store feed her soul. I was taken aback. She hit the nail on the head. That is exactly the feeling that we are trying to promote in store. Somewhere nice and relaxing where you feel comfortable and able to peruse the shelves in peace. A delight for all the senses.
Long story short, we had what she was after which she purchased, took our business card and made note that we were now online and said she would be back.
That is why we do what we do.
Happy Tuesday peeps! See you soon!!
James & Co.

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