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Book Nerd Lapel Pin by Jubly-Umph

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Are YOU a book nerd? It's ok! Nerd is a term of indearment these days. Even if it wasn't you should still be proud of who you are. Nerd's will rule the earth on day!

Is your natural habitat a musty, dimly lit, dusty old room that is almost unnervingly quiet and isolated? Do you think interruptions should be an offence punishable by death? Is your answer to the endless piles of 'books to read next' around your house to buy more bookshelves rather than get rid of any books?

You may be addicted to reading.

You should wear this book nerd pin so that people know not to annoy you when you're reading, otherwise there'll be dire consequences.

This colourful, gold-backed, hard enamel lapel pin comes beautifully presented on a Jubly-Umph backing card. It is one of a limited edition.

  • Limited edition
  • Hard enamel
  • 30mm in Length