Hutwoods Reed Diffuser - Nectarine & Mint

Hutwoods Reed Diffuser - Nectarine & Mint

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A personal favourite of ours here at NEXT CHAPTER HOME, Nectarine & Mint offers you a fresh, zingy and invigorating fragrance all year around. 

Perfect in the summer months, offering the best of the stone fruit at is core. Equally as delightful in Winter when the house is closed up to keep out the cold, let the Nectarine & Mint candle range revitalise and reinvigorate the energy in your home. I loves it! 

Hutwoods infuse only the finest fragrance oils, selected for their individual characteristics and carefully blended to deliver an unmatched scent throw. The unique scent will be absorbed by the natural rattan reeds and will fragrance your entire room for 6+ months.

H 260mm x W 85mm