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Collection: KOKEDAMA

Our Kokedama have become one of our most popular products at NEXT CHAPTER HOME. 

Kokedama (Moss Ball) is a form of Japanese Garden Art, like Bonsai.

Caring for your new Kokedama is easy. When the moss ball feels light and dry, simply dunk the entire plant in a bucket of water until all of the air bubbles stop coming to the surface and then hang to drip dry. Once the Kokedama has stopped dripping, you can place it back in its spot.

Ferns: These plants like filtered light so are great for in doors. Use them as a table display or even in your bathroom. These can be placed outdoors under cover where they will not get direct sun. They will get sunburnt. These will also enjoy a spritz with water on occasion.

Succulents: These plants like about 6 hours of light a day so a window sill is a great location. Please note that Succulents will not be happy if they are over watered. You can dunk these in water as with a fern however less often is best. Spritz with water occasionally.

These are available for purchase in store, however given the nature of the product, we are unable to ship the order.

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