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Kokedama - Assorted (Click for more info)

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Kokedama (Moss Ball) is a form of Japanese Garden Art, like Bonsai.

Stock is seasonal, as this is a handmade range of products and it depends on what plants are available. 

Now that we no longer have the shop front, we will have the items available for sale online only.

When the individual products are made, they will be uploaded to the site so what you see is what you get. 😊

If you would like to order something specific, please contact us and we can work with you to find that something special for that someone special. They generally take 1-2 weeks depending on plant availability. 

Shipping of this item: Given the nature of this product, we do not currently ship however we can deliver them for you within our local delivery service areas. If you would like this delivered to an area outside of these suburbs, please feel free to contact us and we will see if its possible.

Caring for your new Kokedama is easy. When the moss ball feels light and dry, simply fill a clean sink or bucket with water so that it goes half way up the plant. Let the plant sit in the water for at least an hour or until the top moss (closest to the leaves) is wet. Then put the plant somewhere to drop dry and then place it back in it’s posturing in your home.

Some plants, like ferns will like to be misted with water every few days and others like Syngonium like it a little drier so don’t wanted as often. Root rot can set in if you over water the plant. That is pretty much the only thing that will kill your Kokedama. 

Please note that these care instructions are a guide only and if you have any queries, please contact us before things get out of hand or you water it too much. It is a lot easier to fix an plant that needs more water than a plant that has been watered too much.   

If you would like to see more photos of a particular item prior to ordering, please let us know and we can send them to you.