Kokedama - Ponytail Palm

Kokedama - Ponytail Palm

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I love this plant and it is even better as a Kokedama. 

The Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is a very hardy, happy to be left alone, actually please leave me alone, plant that lives out doors. This is one of the few plants that my wife (a plant killer) has kept alive for 5+ years.

Ponytail palms prefer to have as much light as possible, so place the plant in a bright location. Think, back deck or on a stand on the back table. Bright, indirect sunlight is best.

Keep soil fairly dry - which is why this plant is a great option for people who forget to water their plants. Allowing the moss ball to get very dry re-watering.

Truth be told, mine is outside and gets watered when it rains. You just have to make sure that it doesn't get water logged so a weatherproof stand is essential (we can help you with that).

The bulb of the pony tail palm is what grows and you will see over time that it grows up and out of the moss ball. They grow very slowly so this will be a friend for life.

The Ponytail Palm Kokedama that is in the picture is the one that is available however it will be finished with either white or black nylon twine to extend the longevity of ball. We could even wrap this to hang if you'd prefer.

If you like the look of the arid landscape and are after a low maintenance plant that is a talking piece, then this is the guy for you.

Please note: 

  • The leaves have sharp edges and have been known to break the skin
  • these are NOT toxic to pets