Large Woodwick Candle in Lavender & Black Musk

Large Woodwick Candle in Lavender & Black Musk

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Evoke a sense of calm and serentiy in your home with this new fragrance from Hutwoods.

This serene fragrance balances floral notes of lavender and clary sage with rich scents of bergamot, tonka bean and black musk. Instantly creating a relaxing ambience, take a moment to gather your thoughts and relish in the calm that comes with it.

Hutwoods use 100% natural soy wax in all their candles with eco-friendly wood wicks. The woodwick offers a nice big flame and a longer burn time. From time to time the wick will crackle offering you a full sensory experience. 

Experience a different candle where you can evoke the senses of sight, smell and sound.

Large Glass | 100hrs + burn time