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Rainbow Oat Cookie Mix

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 This is the "healthy" cookie mix, because of the oats..... right?!

These adorable handmade cookie mixes make the perfect gift for young and old. Each bottle includes all of the dry ingredients required to produce cookies at home. Just add melted butter and and egg yolk.

And what better way than this classic campfire treat - gooey melted marshmallows, milky chocolate bits and a chewy or crunchy cookie base....we simply couldn't resist bottling this fun recipe and creating these adorable S'mores Cookie Mixes.

We just know you are going to love baking, gifting and sharing these around. 


  • Signature Cookie Mix Base
  • Nestle Smarties
  • Choc Bits
  • Oats
  • Swing tag (containing - ingredients, allergens, nutritional information and most importantly how to bake method!).

Go on treat yourself to some freshly baked delicious cookies ....we you know you want to have some fun!

Makes 6 cookies.

The beauty of these mixes is that your little ones can take the lead with minimal clean up. Win! Win!

Grandchildren can give this to their Grandparents and vice versa. Spend some quality time together in the kitchen creating not only delicious cookies but memories. Team the Cookie mix with the decadent hot chocolate mix and you're on to a winner!