Zebra Canvas Gel Print - CLEARANCE

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What can I say? I love me a Zebra and this piece is no different. Utilising a fun and funky colour palette this smaller canvas is perfect for that spare bare wall that you have at your place. You know the one that you look at and say "that needs something!".

This is a gel print canvas. Firstly the Zebra is printed on the canvas and then a gel paint is added by hand to highlight specific parts of the picture. This adds tone, texture and light reflection. 

Highlight the burnt orange colour in the mane or aspects of the taupe and mocha colours in the background. You could also enhance the few strokes of blue and teal by adding a lot of this colour with other design elements in your home. 

When styling your home or office, we suggest that always start with the art work and pluck out different aspects by using soft furnishings, cushions, vases, candle holders and so on. It depends on the size of the space, however the principal is the same throughout.

Measuring 50 cm x 50cm this canvas is stretched and ready to hang at your place.